Our Guidelines

1. Be respectful, kind and caring

Happy and peaceful communities are those where people hold respect and show genuine concern for each other, for all living things and the environment.

2. Make a contribution

Everyone should aim to make a difference, to make the world a better place.  We value what each person can offer their friends, family, their school and the community.

3. Be a responsible citizen

As a responsible citizen, we care about others in our community; we act with kindness and integrity.

4. Be a peacemaker

We learn to settle differences peacefully, avoiding confrontation.  We care for others, always forgive and work towards building a more peaceful world.

5. Dare to be different

Be proud of what we do for ourselves, for each other and for education.  Stand Up for what you believe is ture and just – regardless of what others do.

View our anti-bullying statement.

View our complaints and appeals procedure.

View our Child Protection and Risk Management Strategy for Education Services.