Athletics Carnival 2019

A huge thank you to all the staff and Year 11 Recreation students for pulling together and making this years carnival a great day!

Again the carnival was held at St. Lawrence’s oval in Runcorn where the line markings and tents were all set up for us making it an easy start to the day. The Year 11 Recreation students were amazing in the set up, running of shot put and helping with the set up of the whole day.

While we were a small group, the students and staff that were there made lots of noise and participated in all of the events.

The events that were held included: 400m + 100m sprints, student relays, potato sack race, tug of war, shot put, javelin and discus. The BBQ spread for lunch was fantastic and excellent fuel for the second half of the day.

Goolagong were victorious this year, followed closely by Nova and Freeman.



Year 7 Age Champion: Trellyn

Year 8 Age Champion: Brianna

Year 9 Age Champion: Treselle

Year 10 Age Champion: Skyie and Jessica

Year 11 Age Champion: Mariah

Year 12 Age Champion: Gabby and Jaydi

Community Spirit Awards: Latysha

  •           Talita
  •           Heidi
  •            Katelin

High Energy Award: Talita

Year Group with the MOST Participants: Year 9

Persistence and Sportsmanship Award: Mariah

Love of the Game Award: Kalaiyah

Best War Cries: Nova


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