Swimming Carnival

Last Friday we hosted our annual Swimming Carnival and like every other year, it went off without a hitch!

The students arrived at school bright and early, dressed in their allocated house colours, ready to compete and have some fun. Our Art Teacher, Bec, put some yellow, red and blue paints out for the girls to use to paint their faces, arms and legs while they waited to board the buses and head out to The Murri School (Aboriginal and Islander Independent Community School), who generously allow us to use their pool each year for the Swimming Carnival.

Once we arrived at the pool the girls were excitedly running around the grounds, setting up big signs for their house colours and chatting amongst themselves. Once we were all ready to go the girls got into their house colour groups and began the war cries for the day. It was delightful to hear the enthusiastic screams and cheers coming from the girls, eager to win points for their teams.

The races commenced and we must say, the students’ eagerness to participate was astounding and truly made the day, so thank you girls for joining in and making the day one to remember!

We had a BBQ for lunch and the girls enjoyed some free time in the pool – girls were on each others shoulders playing wrestling, some girls were trying out their water acrobatics, and others just relaxed in the water and soaked up the sun.

A huge congratulations to Goolagong (red) who came out victorious for this years swimming carnival, great work girls!


To view more photos from the swimming carnival, please click here.