Year 11 Camp 2018

On the 20th November, the future leaders of the school along with some of the babies from the Early Learning Centre headed off to Tunnel Ridge Ranch at Landsborough on the Sunshine Coast. The camp was dedicated to teaching the girls about leadership, building relationships and celebrating the completion of Year 11 whilst thinking about the final year of school coming up.

When we arrived at the camp a woman named Sheryl greeted us with a smile and led us to our dormitories so we could unpack and get settled in. The first thing on our schedule was lunch – a large plate of fried rice was served to us, giving us all the energy we needed for the rest of the afternoon. All of our meals (which there were many), were lovingly prepared and served by Marg and George throughout our camp. 

Our first activity was Archery. Not many of us had participated in this before but some skill was soon evident with targets hit and balloons popped. 

We spent the afternoon swimming in the dam that had a big rope swing set up over the water – we loved spending our afternoon here, swinging into the water and relaxing with the babies. 

After our swim we headed off to one last activity for the day – leatherworks! This activity was run by Nathan, he showed us all how to make a leather bookmark and key ring. Firstly, we wet the leather, then using a mallet we hammered the stencil into the leather to create a pattern. The final step was to stain the leather and add a ring to the key rings. It was a very noisy activity but one we all really enjoyed. 

We went back to our dorms for showers and then headed off for dinner. After dinner we spent the evening designing ideas for our Year 12 Senior Jerseys next year. 

We woke up the next morning to the sound of the breeze blowing through the trees while the birds chirped and sang. First up, we had a horse riding lesson followed by a 40-minute trail ride. We had a theory that the horses chose us as our personalities tended to match the horses. There were eager ones, stubborn ones, lazy ones and some that required stricter commands. 

It was a really steamy day so we headed back to the dam for some more swimming to cool off. We then spent the afternoon pampering one another with massages and facials before we had dinner around the campfire and watched some movies. 

To top off an already wonderful few days away, we stopped in at the beach for lunch on our way home. It was a great time and such a nice way to cap off our time away. 

It was nice for the girls to make some memories together and strengthen bonds before we head into to Year 12 in 2019. 

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