Share the Dignity Vending Machine


Carinity Education Southside has been fortunate enough to be the second school in Queensland to receive a #PinkBox Dignity Vending Machine from the incredible Australian Women’s Charity, Share the Dignity.

Many women, both young and old, feel ashamed, embarrassed or helpless during their menstrual cycles.

There are stories from all over the world about the ways in which women have been forced to manage their menstrual cycles. There are stories of women not leaving the house during their period due to the risk, or fear of humiliation; there are stories of women scrunching up toilet paper and placing it in their underwear as a substitute for sanitary products; there are stories of women having to make decisions between eating dinner or purchasing a box of tampons or pads – these feelings of shame, disgrace and dirtiness that push women to make degrading choices for them”selves needs to stop, and it needs to stop now.

Share the Dignity believe that “access to pads and tampons is a right, not a privilege”. Carinity Education Southside wholeheartedly agrees with this statement and we are so proud and grateful to be the second recipients of a #PinkBox Dignity Vending Machine.

“No girl should ever miss a day of education because she can’t afford sanitary items.”
-Share the Dignity

The #PinkBox Dignity Vending Machine has been placed in the schools front office so the young women who attend school here have access to free pads and tampons whenever they need them. The vending machine is stocked with 75 “period packs” – these packs include six tampons and two pads. Each time the button is pressed, the machine dispenses a pack, then sets a 10-minute timer before the next pack can be dispensed. This is to decrease the chance of wastage.

Students at Carinity Education Southside have been excitedly checking out the machine and pressing the button to receive their period pack. Many young women feel too embarrassed to ask for these items however with the installation of this vending machine, students seem enthusiastic and appreciative of the machine and have been using it responsibly.

Carinity Education Southside thanks Share the Dignity for providing our young women with this extraordinary machine that will absolutely enable them to feel comfortable and dignified.