Year 10 Camp

On the 15th May our Year 10 girls and four of our dedicated staff members headed off to Thunderbird Park at Mt Tamborine for the night.

The group arrived at Thunderbird Park just before lunch time, so the girls ate some wraps for lunch and headed off to their first activity – high ropes! The girls got themselves all kitted out in their helmets, gloves and harnesses before being shown how to work the clips on the harness and then off they went!

The first challenge was the ‘rocking rope bridge‘, all the girls huddled together at points, encouraging one another and lending a helping hand as the girls climbed up ladders and walls, walked planks, dangled from the ropes and flew through the air on the flying foxes.

I liked the high ropes best! Lara, Kierra and myself were the last ones standing. We completed the whole course; I didn’t think I had enough strength to do the whole course. Lara encouraged us to the end.


After the high ropes the girls had some free time to relax in their cabins or explore the area surrounding the cabins such as the rock stream, the fire pit and the hammock. Some of our brave girls jumped in for a swim in the stream despite the freezing cold water. Eventually everyone got together to make some burritos for dinner and spend the night around the fire pit toasting marshmallows, laughing and chatting. It was a great night and a really amazing opportunity for the staff and the students to bond and share their stories.

The next day everyone packed up their cabins and loaded their belongings onto the buses. After everyone had finished packing up, the girls headed off to their gourmet buffet breakfast which everyone really enjoyed. After breakfast the group headed into the bushes to play some laser skirmish. Everyone split up into two groups; staff members and four students against the rest of the students however of course, the group of students were victorious.

After having some lunch everyone headed down to the stables where the students were able to do a bit of horse riding. In pairs, the students groomed the horses and saddled them up, then they all hopped on a horse and off they went along the bush trail.

After all the fun of laser skirmish and horse riding the group headed back to the buses to make their way back to the school and go home. The Year 10 camp was an amazing experience for both the staff and the students and provided an opportunity to really get to know one another.

Year 10 camp was a great experience for all of us. I highly enjoyed laser skirmish because all the girls and staff were getting into the game and having fun.



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