10 Year Apology Anniversary

Today, students and staff at Southside were treated to a casual assembly in the morning to address the 10 year anniversary of Kevin Rudd’s apology speech to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of this country.

Uncle Albert Holt and Aunty Nicole Williams gave powerful and moving accounts of their lives and what the apology truly means to Indigenous peoples.

Uncle Albert touched on his childhood and what the times were like back then, explaining how bells would ring at 6pm on the missons and reserves, and if any Aboriginal person was caught outside of their property after that first bell, they would be imprisoned for 6 weeks.

Aunty Nicole spoke of how Aboriginal people were banned from speaking in their native languages and how she met a woman once who had both of her pinkie fingers cut off because she was caught speaking in her own language.

While today marks the 10 Year Anniversary of The Apology from Kevin Rudd, both Aunty Nicole and Uncle Albert noted that there is a long way for us to go before we see that gap truly close and that only through education and acceptance will we ever see a change – as Aunty Nicole said, “we can only change things if we work together“.