Year 12 Formal

The fourth term is always a busy one for our Year 12 girls as they buckle down to finish their studies and graduate. Twelve massive years of schooling coming to an end – some of our girls were feeling especially nervous with the knowledge they still had coursework to complete on the day of the Formal but alas, they all pulled through and got what they needed to do, done.

We were fortunate enough to see a group of past Southside students come through our doors on the morning of the Formal with make up bags and hair straighteners, ready to volunteer their time for the current Year 12 girls and make them feel fabulous for their big night. It is truly rewarding to see past students come back as professional make up artists or hairdressers and wanting to give back to the school and the students here. Thank you to Geraldine, Charlotte, Tori and Paige for taking the time to come out and make our Year 12 girls feel glamorous on their big, celebratory night.

After a busy day at school for the Year 12’s as they tackled the last of their school work while having their hair and make up done simultaneously, the girls headed home to put on their beautiful, elegant gowns in readiness for the event.

The array of gorgeous, sophisticated young women who met us outside the Robertson Gardens Reception Center looked absolutely stunning.

On arrival, the girls posed for many photos outside with the sleek car and the fancy seats that were arranged for photo opportunities. The girls enjoyed this and are now left with plenty of beautiful reminders of their Formal night.

It was a wonderful celebration of our young women who have worked tirelessly throughout this year along with the other eleven years in order to graduate from secondary schooling. We are so proud of the girls and it was an absolute blessing to see them all looking so happy, relaxed and glamorous on the night of the Formal.

A special thank you to Ted Auguste who came out and took professional photos of the girls and their families on the night.

You can view all of the photos from the Year 12 Formal here.