Art Show

For the last term of the year we celebrated with the school’s Southside Art Show held at Robert Henderson Gallery in South Brisbane.

The exhibition showcased all of the students’ work from junior years to senior Certificate II level.

We were grateful to see members of the community, members of our government and staff & student’s families turn up to the Henderson Gallery during the night time event to help us celebrate.

This fundraising event was supported by Carinity and the Searchlight committee. The Searchlight members volunteered their time in providing service on the night with artwork and ticket sales.

Many staff members from the school attended and joined in on auctions and purchased artwork pieces.

The students came to look at their works hung in the gallery during the day after celebrating Halloween at school (hence some of the scary make up you will see on our girls in the photos). The Art Show officially began later in the evening at 6.30pm.

Students who sold their artworks will receive half of the money while the other half of the money is given to the school so that we can continue to fund our Art classes and therefore, continue putting on Art Shows.

The night was a very special occasion, thank you to Kathleen Noonan and Lisa Newman who spoke on the schools behalf, also Christine Hill and Aunty Nicole Williams who spoke highly of the school and the students that we teach here.

Thank you to Leanne Aitcheson, Tayla Sudall and Rebecca Mennen who planned the event behind the scenes leading up to the opening night.


You can check out all the photos from the event here!