Year 10 Camp

By Chelsea (H.P.E Teacher)


Serenity and Lavinia getting ready for the high ropes course

The Year 10 Camp this year was held at Thunderbird Park at Mt. Tambourine. We got off to a great start, picked up some students along the way and made our way to the mountain.

While it was a bit damp and cold, this didn’t hinder the girls excitement. After choosing our cabins and eating a delicious lunch, it was off to the high ropes course. It was very challenging and my hat goes off to the girls that attempted the course, a few notable mentions were to Serenity, Ruby, Hannah, Talia and Gabby who flew through the course and rose up to the challenge. Jacky was our number one supporter with her yelling out advice and encouragement from the ground.

It was an all hands on deck event for dinner with homemade pizza without an oven. Thanks to the quick thinking of the staff and flexibility of the students we got our dinner served in fry pans and over the fire. We cooked marshmallows over the fire and had chocolate for dessert.

Year 10 students on the high ropes course

Day two was another action-packed day. It started with a yummy breakfast, we had to share our breakfast space with various types of birds. If we weren’t careful, a cheeky kookaburra would have stolen our meal. After our bellies were full we headed to Laser Skirmish in an older Avery and wildlife area. We weren’t alone in this adventure, a group of Year four/five students over from China versed us. They won the first battle but we regrouped, strategised and came back fighting fit and won the next game.

Laser Skirmish

After lunch, we got to ride the horses and learnt how to take care of them. We got the chance to brush them and feed them. Our horse ride was about 20 minutes long and we went through the scrub.

It was an awesome two days and everyone had a great time. A huge thank you to the staff that attended and to the girls. Their up beat, positive attitude towards every activity and their helpfulness with cooking dinner, tidying up and being respectful made the camp very enjoyable.

I look forward to going again next year!