Memories…Lost But Not Forgotten

Southside student Nick with her artwork

Southside student Nick with her artwork

The creative achievements of Carinity Education – Southside’s students was featured at a recent exhibition held at BEMAC, Kangaroo Point. A selection of student work, ranging from visual art to millinery projects, was on display.

The culmination of the exhibition also coincided with the launch of Memories…Lost But Not Forgotten. Southside’s biennial publication features poetry, prose and artwork from a range of students.

For any art student, having work exhibited or published is an exciting time however for many of our students, this is the first time they have felt their experiences, needs and emotions have been “heard by the world”.

Art and Film Teacher Rebecca Mennen said the exhibition and book were a reflection of two years’ of work and classes. “I didn’t want to restrict students’ creativity so I set the concept as ‘hope’,” she said.

Student Nick Eggmolesse said she’d always been a creative person despite only starting art as a school subject this year.

“I am a singer and songwriter, poet and dancer as well as a visual artist,” she said.

Her work “Ying and Yang” is full of symbolism regarding her personality.

“Ying and Yang is a sweet and spiritual symbol of balance and peace with purple representing the need for emotional security and to create order and perfection in all areas of life and white representing the positive as well as the negative aspect of all colours. It contains an equal balance of all colours on the spectrum,”she said.

 Memories…Lost But Not Forgotten can be purchased by contacting the school on (07) 3423 7499.

Photo: Student Nick Eggmolesse with her work Ying Yang.